My passion for makeup and hair all started by watching my mother get ready in the mornings before work. She would notice I would be staring and say, "Baby, I'm just paintin my face". To this day, I have had a love for the artistry of makeup and hair. With my mother being in several different pageants, she taught me many tricks of the trade.

Throughout college I found myself doing people's makeup and hair for numerous events. Those people started to get married and needed my beauty services. I started to think about actually turning my hobby into a business. As of now, I have been in the makeup freelance field for over two years. I have learned so much and am so thankful for the people who have been there with me through this journey of perfecting my craft. I consider it a gift and blessing to get to sit down with people and not just make them feel beautiful, but also know about their lives and experiences.

- Ana Faith

Apparently, I make the same face every time I work on a Bride.... proof down below. HAH!